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climbing-in-teton-valley-1.jpgDriving directions to each area:
1. Trailhead GPS coordinates (Shady wall): 43.7569, -110.9177
Trailhead GPS coordinates (Grand Wall, Arms Deal Wall): 43.7558, -110.9152
From Driggs, turn east onto Ski Hill Road (towards Grand Targhee Ski Resort). Drive for about 6 miles and veer right onto a gravel road into Teton Canyon. Drive to the end of Teton Canyon Road. If you are climbing at the Arms Deal or Grand Walls, park in the farthest parking lot (trailhead parking). Conversely, for the Shady Wall, park in the first lot at the campground (overflow/campground lot).

Approach trail to Shady wall: The approach begins at the Teton Canyon Campground. The trail is vague near the campground, but gradually becomes more distinct. The best way to find the trail is to start at the vault toilet nearest to the campground parking lot and walk south to the river. From here, cross the creek via two logs and link up with a path resembling a game trail. In total, there are three water crossings - all over logs. If you find yourself bushwhacking, stop. Go back to the first water crossing and hunt for the start of the trail. Not locating the trail immediately greatly decreases the odds of finding the wall.

Approach trail to Arms Deal Wall: The cliffs are easily visible from the trailhead parking lot. Follow a climbers trail which veers off and to the left of the main trail approximately 50 feet after leaving the parking lot. If you have not reached the base of the crag within 5 minutes, you have missed/passed the climbers trail. The intimidating 45 degree overhanging Arms Deal Wall is the first formation on the approach. Scramble up the left side of the slab below the wall to gain the overhang's base.
Approach trail to Grand Wall: Continue on the main climbers trail past the Arms Deal wall and continue to traverse the cliff for another couple minutes until you reach the base of the Grand Wall.

2. Trailhead GPS coordinates (Darby Canyon): 43.6756, -111.0265
Between Victor and Driggs (in eastern Idaho), turn East on 3000 S. You should immediately see a sign for Darby Canyon after you turn. Follow this until it ends, and turn right and follow the dirt road for about 2 miles into the canyon. Park at a turnout on the left with a Forest Service 034 sign. If you cross the creek on the road, you've gone too far.

Approach trail to Darby Canyon crags: Hike up the main trail (popular Aspen Trail) for 3 switchbacks until you find a climbers trail on your right. Head up the climbers trail for about 10 minutes until it reaches the crag.