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The Teton Valley Baseball and Softball Association (TVBSA) offers organized youth baseball and softball.


Boys and girls ages 5-7 may participate in T-Ball, which will help them learn baseball fundamentals in a fun, supportive team environment. In this age group, batters will hit a soft baseball-sized ball from a tee.

Coach Pitch
Boy and girls ages 7-9 will play coach pitch. In this age group, each child bats and plays the field each inning, and coaches will pitch to each batter.


In this age group, boys ages 9-12 will continue to improve their skills and work towards playing more competitive games.

Softball Minors

Girls in grades 3-5 will learn softball basics, including batting, fielding and pitching. They will also begin to play more competitive games.

Softball Majors: (6th, 7th, 8th and 9th grades)

Girls in grades 6-9 will play in competitive games and fine tune their softball skills.


The deadline registration for all age groups is the first week of April.

For more information, contact: Josh Richardson President of Baseball at (208) 351-7978 or